Something wicked this way comes….Psychoville 2 is here!

….at least in the UK, anyway. The long-awaited second series of British comedy greatness is, at long last, upon us with the return of Psychoville, tonight at 10:00pm on BBC Two. Co-creator, Steve Pemberton has entered the social media world with this blog post to talk directly to fans of the series and explain a bit of the reasoning behind the explosive cliffhanger ending of season one, broadcast as part of the Halloween special airing in 2010.

If series one is unfamiliar territory to you, you can catch up here on the Psychoville website, with more genius stuff from the creators of The League of Gentlemen, Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton. If you are already familiar with Edwina Kenchington (Dame Eileen Atkins), the evil governess of Ravenhill Psychiatric Hospital, Mr. Jelly, the bitter, hook-handed, children’s entertainer and Joy (Dawn French), the slightly misguided midwife, then you need no introduction to tonight’s premiere of season where viewers will, hopefully, learn the fate of those trapped in Ravenhill during that fateful Halloween night.

Psychoville 2 trailer

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  • brian

    This show is one of the strangest, yet most awesome shows I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to see series 2!

  • brian

    It was so good. It picked up where the last series left off and remained as creepy and hilariously imaginative as ever. Looks like it’s going to be just as good as the first series.