Could the end of Hustle be the perfect 'long-con'?

According to creator/writer, Tony Jordan, it has been mutually agreed upon with the BBC to end the brilliant series, Hustle, at the conclusion of the upcoming eighth season. The series, which starred regulars, Robert Vaughn, Adrian Lester as Michael “Mickey Bricks” Stone and Robert Glenister as Ash “Three Socks” Morgan, was still as tightly done as it was from the very beginning and had continued to garner impressive viewing numbers for its’ most recent transmission of the seventh season.

Jordan will get the rare opportunity that many writers are not afforded, the ability to end a series like you’d like given you have knowledge that the upcoming season is to be the last. Many writers have series that are ended for one reason or another before getting a chance at closure…just ask Bob Larbey. Armed with this knowledge, Jordan promises a controversial finale that will leave viewers wondering if the entire show has been an elaborate long-con.

Do you allow the show to fade away or say it’s been a blast and quit while you’re ahead?, said Jordan, who added, “…you want to go out like James Dean in a fast car.

That said, Jordan didn’t rule out a future for the Kudos produced series with a different cast…..which would be the perfect long-con on us all.

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