The Hoff as Lovejoy?

From the Department of Say it Isn’t So…

There are some things that must be stopped at all costs. This heads the list. Never mind topping the charts with two #1 hits on the German pop charts. Forget the major role in the SpongeBob SquarePants movie or his 2000 Broadway debut in the title role of Jekyl and Hyde.

Now, The Hoff has set his sights on the greatness of Ian McShane and Lovejoy. Seems as though Hasselhoff recently expressed his interest in remaking the classic, early 90’s, BBC series that starred Ian McShane as an antiques dealer with an almost supernatural talent for recognizing forgeries from genuine antiques. I know the former star of such mega-hits as Baywatch and Knight Rider opened Nickelodeon Land in Blackpool, but, this is still just not right.

Ian McShane or David Hasselhoff. You decide.

For my money, Ian Mcshane, genius. The Hoff, stay with Britain’s Got Talent, ok?

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