Eurovision 2011 winner and Kenneth Branagh talks Dr. Who

It was great night for telly last night on both sides of the pond with Neil Gaiman’s Doctor Who episode kicking the evening off followed by the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with Eli/Nikki from Azerbaijan taking home the prize. No, really, Azerbaijan. If you’re interested in a brilliant recap, here’s a piece from live blog heaven by the Guardian. If you can’t see Eurovision 2012, bookmark this site for next year. There’s nothing better. Have to say, along with much of the viewing world, didn’t see this one coming. Anyone else with me?

Kenneth Branagh talks Doctor Who with Craig Ferguson

Further testament to the brilliance of The Late Late Show and the greatness of Craig Ferguson, how many talk show hosts can hold their own with the likes of Kenneth Branagh and talk Doctor Who. Uh, none. You have to put up with a little Thor and “who’s the best James Bond” discussion at the beginning of the video, but Branagh is obviously a fan of Matt Smith and Doctor Who. Ferguson’s affection for the Doctor is clear if you remember back to his creation of an entire show open that never made it on the air.

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