NBC at it again with Prime Suspect re-make

You’d think they’d learn, post-Coupling. Ok, I know, they do have The Office that they can point to, but for every American Office, I can find ten American Coupling’s or Life on Mars, for that matter, just to throw gas on the fire.

Further proof that there are now no new ideas and with history not on their side, just announced during the network Fall upfronts will be an American version of Prime Suspect, the brilliant early 90’s Helen Mirren series that aired on ITV and PBS as part of the Mystery series some years back. Maybe I’m being too hasty in calling this a re-make. I know the series has the same title, but, at closer inspection, Detective Jane Tennison (Helen Mirren) is now Jane Timoney (Maria Bello) so maybe it’s not really the same show. After looking at the preview clip, it’s definitely not the same show.


While we’re on the ‘why are they re-doing this series‘ front, we’ll leave the British comedy, Free Agents, for tomorrow’s rant. I just can’t bring myself to cover both of these in one day. Seems as though the genius of the original Channel 4 series from the producers of Spaced and Black Books which starred Stephen Mangan (Green Wing, Dirk Gently, Episodes ) and Anthony Head (Buffy, Manchild) is getting an American re-make just like its drama cousin, Prime Suspect. Stay tuned…..

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  • If I know one thing, it’s that NBC never learns its lesson.

  • Oh. Dear.

  • Let us not forget the ill-fated US Remake of “Cracker”

  • Larry Hayles

    Actually don’t they have a 2nd success? “Sanford and Son” from he series “Steptoe and Son”. So look for them to get something right for the 2035 season.

    • @Larry: You are probably within a year of two, either way, in your prediction of their next hit re-make. Hope we’re both around to see it. Will be pretty spectacular, I’m guessing. Not much of a track record overall for any network with Till Death Do Us Part, Steptoe and Son, The Office and….wait, that’s it.

  • Ashley

    YES YES YES I do wish American networks would just stop with trying to remake the British television shows! off-topic but I need to learn how to get a piccy xx