Memorial Day tribute to the Home Guard, the Resistance and more….

As we collectively pause across the United States to pay tribute to servicemen and women everywhere who gave their lives in military service, let’s not forget both the Home Guard of Dad’s Army along with those brave souls of Allo Allo such as French cafe owner, Renee Artois, and wife, Edith, who, with no regard for their own safety, provided a safe house to members of the French Resistance movement in their cafe which was a favorite haunt of German officers, no less.

Dad’s Army

– Created and written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft (Are You Being Served, Allo Allo), Dad’s Army told the story of the Home Guard, headed by Captain Mainwaring, a group of ‘older’ volunteers with a sole purpose being to secure the borders and be the last line of defense should the Germans actually invade during WWII.

Allo, Allo

– Created and written by David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd, who also partnered on Are You Being Served?, Allo Allo tells the store of French cafe owner, Renee Artois and his desire, or need, to appease a range of opposing factions throughout World War II. Who can deny the sacrifices Renee had to continuously make whether it me the extent he would go to hide the Fallen Madonna with the Big, well, you know, or staging his own death before a German firing squad

Somehow, you watch both of these British comedy series and you start to wonder just how we came out the victor. That said, never forget during this national day of remembrance all those that men and women who served and lost their lives in service to their country.

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