Daleks to sit out remainder of first half

As the NBA Finals begin between the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat, we turn our attention to another longtime battle….the Doctor (Dallas) vs. the Daleks (Miami). After being voted the scariest villain in the history of Doctor Who in a 2007 poll and having been defeated over 400 times throughout the series, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Daleks, themselves, asked for a well-deserved rest.

Actually, it was Doctor Who coach, Steven Moffat, that decided to sit the Daleks for the remainder of the half. In a recent Radio Times interview, Moffat said, “They aren’t going to make an appearance for a while. We thought it was about time to give them a rest“. He did praise the evil Daleks saying that the fearsome creatures should have “trudged away” by now after being defeated so many times.

No word on whether or not they will start the second half of the current season. Remember, one of the best seasons ever for the Doctor, Amy, et al, will be divided into two halves with the mid-season finale, “A Good Man Goes To War”, airing this coming Saturday on BBC One. A week behind, U.S. viewers will have to wait for the first half cliffhanger scheduled for Saturday, 11 June.

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  • haha the beginning of this cracked me up…I like that Moffat isn’t going to use them for a while. then again, it’s nearly impossible for me to find anything I don’t like when it comes to Moffat’s ideas and creativity

    • @Ashley: Sadly, I’m not above sinking to the goings on of the day to gain traffic even if it is the most apples and oranges comparison you can imagine. I so can’t wait for Sherlock 2. Thanks, as always, for the comments.