To Alan Partridge, Mid-Morning really does matter

At long last, the online web-based series featuring the genius of Steve Coogan as DJ Alan Partridge is coming to broadcast television. North Norfolk Digital Radio’s Alan Partridge’s Mid Morning Matters will hit the big time in October of this year in the UK. No word yet of a a broadcast partner. As much of the series was not viewable early on in the States, there is also welcome news of a possible international sale that would bring the North Norfolk Digital phenom from Norwich to the U.S. Here’s the final episode of season one. Word is there has been talk of another season based on its’ initial web popularity. Let’s hope so and let’s also hope that it will be made available outside the UK this time too.

Of note: watch the episode below asap. For some reason, the final episode of season two works in the U.S. but, the rest of the series have a really annoying graphic….”the uploader has not made this video available in your country”. Very disappointing.

Just around the corner, and as part of the Steve Coogan/Alan Partridge attempted take over of the U.S. comes the feature length version of The Trip, starring Coogan and Rob Brydon (Super Nova, Rob Brydon Show, Gavin & Stacey) in theaters nationwide, June 10.

The mock-culinary travelogue has Coogan being given an Observer restaurant assignment and has them driving around the north of England eating, bickering, ruminating, doing lots of impressions and playing exaggerated versions of themselves. IMHO, for those that are familiar with both Coogan and Brydon, this will be something you won’t want to miss. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough in the States that are familiar with either individual to make it a box-office hit.

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