Sherlock, Frankenstein, now Bard the Bowman, maybe?

In 2010, BBC and PBS viewers were treated to a totally brilliant performance as a 21st century Sherlock. 2011 brought an equally as brilliant but shorter stint at the National Theatre in the duel, alternating daily, role as Dr. Frankenstein and the Creature. With filming currently taking place for the Mark Gatiss/Steven Moffat creation, Sherlock 2, word is that Benedict Cumberbatch may join his partner-in-Sherlock-crime, Martin Freeman, in the Peter Jackson epic feature, The Hobbit, soon.

Word leaked from none other than Martin Freeman during a round of congratulatory interviews following his recent Best Supporting Actor BAFTA award win for his role as Dr. John Watson. Freeman, who has taken a short leave from his portrayal of Bilbo Baggins to film Sherlock 2. When he returns to The Hobbit set, he’ll be joined by new cast member, Stephen Fry. Lets hope he brings his Sherlock co-star along with him.

BBC News Entertainment Correspondent Lizo Mzimba recently tweeted the following from the BAFTA’s so it has to be true, right?

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