Voice of the Daleks, Zippy and George dies at 79

This is definitely a case of you probably are not familiar with either the name or the face, but you are keenly aware of the voice. For 21 years (1967-1988), Roy Skelton brought the Doctor’s scariest villains to life with one simple word….Exterminate! In addition to being THE voice of the Daleks, Skelton also lent his voice to the Cybermen numerous times over the years.

Have to admit, I never saw or heard Roy’s more well-known work as the voice of Zippy and George, the orange and pink puppets from ITV’s long-running children’s show Rainbow. After a bit of YouTube research, for my money, Zippy and George may be right up there with the Daleks from a scary standpoint. Some of the funnier clips came from Roy’s later work on the irreverent, cult-hit, Naughty Zippy.

Cancelled in 1992, Skelton’s Zippy did make a brief return to the small screen in 2008 in the brilliant Ashes to Ashes series. The internet is full of time-wasting brilliance. This being one with a classic mash-up of Zippy, George and the Daleks in tribute to the late, great Roy Skelton. Enjoy.


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  • hahaha ‘The internet is full of time-wasting brilliance.’ completely true…and I’m finding it mostly true when I’m here at work with mind-numbing routine work, checking the Tellyspotting RSS feed is a much-welcomed break…aw I’m sad to hear about this ๐Ÿ™ have to share on facebook, this video is great x

  • Cora

    Great video. Sad about Roy Skelton passing.
    “time wasting brilliance” – well said!