Time's up Matt. There's a new Doctor in town!

Considering the fact that I could barely tie my shoes in nursery school, when a fellow nursery school kid comes along and channels his inner Timelord for a kindergarten talent show, you have to be impressed. A proud mother posted on YouTube with the caption, ‘Our kindergartener decided he wanted to give the Pandorica monologue for his school talent show.’ Just how cool is this.

For those not quite familiar the Pandorica monologue, it comes from a a highly-regarded episode of Doctor Who called The Pandorica Opens, which features current Doctor, Matt Smith, delivering a passionate speech to some Roman soldiers and a large lamp.

The story arc features Stonehenge, Vincent Van Gogh and Winston Churchill. Oh, not to mention a slew of villains, including Daleks, Cybermen, Zygons, Draconians… you name it, this story’s got it. Unfortunately, there’s no word as to whether he won the talent show or not. He’s got my vote.


For comparison purposes, here’s Matt Smith from season 5 and his version of the Stonehenge speech.


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  • Anglophilesouth

    Not sure how you find the things you do. . .but extremely glad you posted this little Doctor — he’s absolutely brilliant! I’m not even his Mum and I’m proud of him.

  • I love this kid! my boyfriend showed me the video, I wish I could be that kid xx

  • also the suit! the bowtie!!!! that kid has stolen my heart xx