First London Bridge, now BBC Television Centre. What next?

This just in. The BBC is for sale. Actually, the BBC Television Centre, the landmark London home of BBC News and Television, is for sale. This isn’t really new news as it’s been talked about for some time, with staff members making the trek to BBC North, just west of Manchester city centre.

What is up in the air at this time is whether it will be an outright sale or a potential partnership where a new owner would re-develop the site as a future creative hub salvaging portions of the historic building, home to some of the most famous television production in the world.

While BBC News will remain in central London, the infamous Blue Peter rooftop garden will make the trek north to Salford Quay, near Manchester, as will the remaining 5000 staff by 2015.

Having actually worked in Studio TC8 last Fall on our Behind the Britcom: From Script to Screen production for PBS, while the sale is understandable, it’s really kind of hard to imagine that this historic building, home to almost every classic BBC series, comedy or otherwise, could soon be empty.

You may or may not remember a past tellyspotting post which featured The Unofficial History of London’s Television Studios. This has to be one of the most comprehensive sites I’ve ever run across. If you have a free weekend, you should check it out. If only to read about the infamous “question mark” design, it’s worth the time.

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