British Home Guard enters the 21st Century

Little did 19-year old Darren Stride know when he was introduced to the all-time classic BBC comedy, Dad’s Army, watching with his late grandfather, a World War II veteran, that his future obsession would gain international attention. While it’s been a 5-yr labor of love for the East Norfolk college student, the next step is to turn the obsession that only Captain Mainwaring would be proud of into a business and possible winner of National Shed of the Year competition. Tough competition this year up against a replica of the Tardis and Noah’s Ark. Things are looking up, however, as the initial field of 1500 entries is now down 9 finalists. Good luck, Darren!

The Dad’s Army shrine, which has outgrown his bedroom, much to the delight of Darren’s mother, and now spans three buildings, includes medals, gas masks, ration books, identity cards, uniforms and an authentic wartime sweet shop. Captain Mainwaring, Jonesy, Pike and the rest of the Home Guard would be proud.

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