How to be a sitcom parent 101

Admit it. You’ve probably thought, many times, watching a sitcom, “….I could write that.”

I’m guessing, however, that there are a fair amount of folks out there that would forego the opportunity to write a sitcom and go straight to the thought of being in a sitcom. You look at the Royles (Royle Family), Brockmans (Outnumbered) or the Harpers (My Family) and think, we could be that family.

Fortunately, the Guardian has put together a comprehensive how to be a sitcom parent checklist that will assure you of that spot in sitcom history.

For those playing along at home here’s a quick look at the top-five:

Produce the worst children known to man

Have a handy extended family in reserve

Move in next to people who are better than you

Give off a sense that you’re not fulfilling your potential

Develop an inexplicable fondness for weak, vaguely nostalgic indie music

Still want to be a sitcom parent? Personally, I think I’ll grab a pad and paper and starting writing that script I’ve always wanted to write.

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