Sherlock v. Doctor Who – WWE Smackdown?

With all the world aglow this week with the news that Doctor Who has been commissioned for another 14 episodes and still euphoric over the knowledge that Sherlock 2 is currently in production, it doesn’t seem to be all happy fun time at the BBC Television Centre these days.

What started out as a seemingly innocent comment from BBC One controller, Danny Cohen, who recently stated, “Steven Moffat is the creative driving force behind Doctor Who. He also, rather magically at the same time, created and got to air Sherlock. So we have to get that balance right.”

All fine and good until Cohen added, “He  needs enough time to get that (Sherlock) done and then start work on the next series of Doctor Who“.

Moffat then responded on Twitter (@steven_moffat) by tweeting in well under 140 characters that the scheduling of Dr Who has got NOTHING to do with Sherlock. Heck, he still had 80 characters to spare.

In reality, this is probably nothing more than an attempt to assure a worldwide audience for two juggernaut television series, one getting ready to celebrate a 50th anniversary and the other a complete newcomer on the scene with only one season in the can, that neither series will suffer because of the other. Just a poor way of putting it from the beginning.

I’m guessing that in 2013, we’ll see a Doctor Who series the likes of which we have never seen, which is pretty lofty given the brilliant season that has just ended. Along with Mark Gatiss, Moffat has also created a brilliant Sherlock adaptation that, hopefully, will be around for several more seasons to come.

Everyone back to their corners. No need to call in Michael Buffer for this one.

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