Wimbledon begins…can Rodgers and Summers win it all?

Gemma Rodgers. Caroline Summers. Not quite the household names when it comes to Wimbledon….or, tennis for that matter. As we begin Wimbledon, hosted for the 125th time by The All England Lawn Tennis Club since the first tournament in 1877, all eyes are on two relatively unknown British entries in the Women’s Doubles competition. Any early thoughts on their chances?


Besides the finals on 4 July weekend, there are lots of non-tennis festivities going on throughout the year in celebration of the 125th. Topping the list will be a BBC filming of Antiques Roadshow at the All England Club on 25 August 2011, for broadcast in September/October 2011.

Attending Wimbledon 2036?

Couldn’t get tickets through the public ballot this year? Set your sights on Wimbledon 2036 and the 150th anniversary. This will be the place to be. For a glimpse of what you might see, click here to see what the Sports Technology Institute at Loughborough has come up with. The ability to monitor sweat levels aside, some pretty cool stuff here. You might want to send in ticket requests soon.

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