A personal invite to visit Britain and a BFI fellowship – all in a days work for Dame Judi Dench

After seeing this recent campaign put together by Visit Britain, how can you not pick up the phone and get thee to Hever Castle immediately. Next year will be all Olympics all the time during London 2012 so my suggestion would be to go now no matter what side of the pond you reside.


Others lending their incredible talents to the campaign are Rupert Everett inviting you to visit London Theatre, Jamie Oliver taking you through the incredible culinary offerings in the UK and Twiggy, introducing you to the post-60’s UK Carnaby Street shopping scene.

Dame Judi receives BFI fellowship award

In her spare time this past week, Dame Judi Dench received a fellowship from the British Film Institute (BFI), the highest accolade the organization can bestow. The 76-year-old actress was awarded the prize in recognition of her contribution to cinema and television.

For someone who was told in 1959 that they would never make it in the film industry I feel incredibly surprised and privileged to be receiving this fellowship,” Dame Judi said. Not to mention the Academy Award for Shakespeare in Love, 11 BAFTA’s, 3 Laurence Olivier Awards and a Golden Globe.

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