Could Men Behave Badly….again?

According to reports circulating the globe, there are rumors of the classic mid-90’s British comedy, Men Behaving Badly, returning with Neil Morrisey getting the band back together. Morrissey, who played Tony Smart, has approached the BBC with the idea of seeing how the two main characters Tony and his flatmate, Gary (Martin Clunes), are coping with middle age (one can only imagine since they coped with their early 30’s concept of eternal childhood so well).

While Morrissey said: “I would love it to happen again. It would be great to explore what all the characters are doing and what is going on in their life“, his toughest road ahead, beyond convincing the BBC, may be trying to lure Martin Clunes and creator/writer, Simon Nye, to get on board. Let’s hope he succeeds on all counts. I need something to erase the bad memory of NBC’s highly forgettable American television re-make that starred Rob Schneider.

In the meantime, maybe it’s time to power watch a season or two of brilliance with the British MBB until…anyone with me?

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