British bits and bobs from Downton Abbey 2

Downton Abbey a ‘downstairs’ hit

Seems as though Dan Stevens, who played Matthew Crawley, the heir to the opulent estate, in ITV’s Downton Abbey has discovered there are downstairs DA fans everywhere. Stevens recently commented that he met a butler at a dinner at a house in Belgravia and revealed,  “He took me aside on the stairs and said, ‘I just have to tell you, Mr Stevens, that we are all big fans of the show’. No mention as to whether or not the ‘upstairs’ host of the party was a fan of the series or not.

Downton Abbey 2 update from the set

For those still suffering from Downton Abbey separation anxiety and are having a tough time with the wait for the second series which will premiere this Fall in the UK and January 8, 2012 on PBS in the States, here is a bit of news from the filming of the second series. You may remember the Earl of Gantham’s three daughters,  Lady Mary, Lady Edith and Lady Sybil. You may also remember series one ended with the declaration of the First World War.

Commenting on the upcoming storyline, Laura Carmichael (Lady Sybil) said, “It’s fun watching the changes in what we’re filming now – the skirts shortening and Edith, who was the silliest of the three, opening up through the drama of warLady Edith (Jessica Brown-Findlay) is the daughter that everyone expects will have to take care of her mother and father, which makes her more determined than the other two to hook a husband.

Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) said, “We are all starting to grow up in the second series. Mary is becoming a woman and is moving on from her relationship with Matthew, but she’s a contradiction because in a way, he’s everything she wants.”

I so can’t wait for this. How about you?

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