Top Gear salutes the Space Shuttle

Unfortunately, there remains, at this moment, a question as to whether or not weather will cause a slight delay with todays final space shuttle launch of the Atlantis from the Kennedy Space Center. While it’s only a 30% “go” at this point for a Friday launch, NASA is predicting a definite weekend launch should todays launch be cancelled. Could there be a better way to pay tribute to the final lap of the U.S. Space Shuttle program than with a bit of crazed thinking from the likes of Richard Hammond and James May? I don’t think so.

In yet another ‘you have to be kidding’ moment, the guys from Top Gear set out to convert a Reliant Robin into the next generation Space Shuttle. How did it play out? Let’s just say we should all be happy that it was an unmanned shuttle launch.

This is just more fun than the law allows.

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