David Jason returns home to guard the Queen

It’s a long way from Peckham to Buckingham Palace, but Del Boy Trotter, the “ambitious” market trader from the most popular British situation comedy of all-time, Only Fools and Horses, has a new job. Ok, not really, but David Jason, the 71 year-old actor that brilliantly brought John Sullivan’s creation to life, returns to situation comedy for the first time in almost 20 years ago in the new BBC comedy, The Royal Bodyguard. Production filming has begun and a target transmission date in the UK set for Fall 2011.

Sir David stars as Captain Guy Hubble, a lifelong soldier coming up for retirement who has recently been put in charge of Royal security. Sounds good on the surface but, unfortunately, Hubble’s last position working in the car park at Buckingham Palace, which doesn’t really place him at the top of the list of who you’d like to supervise security arrangements for all engagements that involve the Royal Family.

David Waillams, fresh off his brilliant Red Nose Day hosting of the 24-Hour Panel People earlier this year, will guest star as an official “close to the royals”.

Since the 1991 end of OFAH, Frost is best known for his starring role in the ITV long-running series, A Touch of Frost.

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