British comedy scattershooting to start the week….

Need comedy this morning? Take the Tube!

Doesn’t matter if you’re on DARTBART, the Metro, SMART, the 2, 4, 5, 7 or D train in New York, the Tube, Paris Metro, the L or the T this morning, it’s Monday, and you’re in need of comedy. Imagine whatever line your on, look at the map below and think of a classic British comedy. Track your favorite, whether it be sketch, situation, satire, mockumentary or chat, look it up and the ride in to work this morning will seem a whole lot more fun.

Brydon, Coogan to take another ‘Trip’…maybe

According to various reports from those close to the production (none substantiated, however), Rob Brydon and Steven Coogan should be packing their bags soon for a second season of The Trip. Coogan, a restaurant critic for The Observer, will, again, embark on a journey with Brydon, his combined best friend and source of eternal aggravation. The resulting record of their “conversations” over dinner, their dueling impressions and the time traveling in-between restaurants was initially released as a series of six programs for the BBC last Fall and later edited into a feature film, having just arriving this month in the States (definitely worth checking out). For the BBC, average audience numbers + commercial success = a second trip for the comic geniuses of Coogan and Brydon to Italy coming up in the not-too-distant future.

Rowan Atkinson tops leader board on Top Gear’s Reasonably Priced Car segment

Besides witnessing the takeover of the top spot of the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car leader board on last night’s Top Gear episode, viewers in the UK were treated to a much greater feat when the producers of the series were able to lure British comedy great, Rowan Atkinson, behind the wheel of a “reasonably priced car”. Ok, he does own a Honda Civic Hybrid, but given his passion for cars, he’s probably more at home in his McLaren F1, Audi A8, or Honda NSX. The good thing about having Atkinson on the TG segment is that rumors can be laid to rest that Atkinson was The Stig as they have now been sighted in the same place at the same time. Congrats, Rowan.

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  • hahahaha amazing xx

  • Larry

    But that could have just been a cunning plan from Rowan involving a stunt Stig.

  • Cora

    This was too funny and brilliant. Once again, Tellyspotting come through! Thanks