Doctor Who by Tube anyone?

For Doctor Who fans worldwide, this is about the greatest thing since sliced bread. For those few that have resisted jumping aboard the TARDIS these past 48+ years, this will be nothing more than an ice-cream headache. Either way, this is pretty darn cool and something you should give of your time and effort to look at given the time it took to put this together. If you’re curious, click here for the most brilliant of all brilliant London Tube maps of all-time.

Kudos to the individual that, no doubt, spent countless hours putting this together. It’s the handiwork of Crispian Jago, self-described grumpy, skeptical, godless, overweight, science & music loving Cornish Git on his Twitter page.

Unfortunately, just as New York is the city so big, they had to name it twice, this map is too expansive to post in any other way than the above link. So, click the link above and we’ll see you in a couple of hours. Cheers.

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  • this is AMAZING!!!! thank you for posting!! xx

    • @Ashley: Is this just not the coolest thing you seen in some time? Ok, it’s really geeky, but I now want this for every series I like.

  • Larry

    But how many series are this intertwined with stories?

  • Cora

    Just amazing. Thanks for posting this!