Spooks' Harry Pearce…The new 'Most Interesting Man in the World'?

Move over, Jonathan Goldsmith. There’s a new sheriff in town. IMHO, Harry Pearce has now supplanted Goldsmith as ‘the most interesting man in the world‘.

I know, Goldsmith fans are out there saying, “…but, sharks have a week dedicated to him” and “…he once had an awkward moment just to see what it was like“, but, after 9 years as head of Section D, the Counter-Terrorism division of MI-5, I think Pearce deserves some strong consideration for a shot at the top spot.

Thankfully, trolling around the Internet, I find that I’m not alone in my thinking. One has to go only as far as Will Pillar’s harrypearcefacts.com, a site devoted solely to proving the point of Harry’s qualifications. For long-time fans of Spooks (MI5), you won’t need any additional proof to prove the point. For Harry Pearce newcomers or naysayers, here are a few to get you up to speed:

  • When Harry Pearce wants your opinion, he’ll give it to you
  • When Jack Bauer sent his CV to Harry Pearce, he returned it to sender stamped “not experienced enough”
  • When Harry Pearce received his Knighthood, the Queen knelt in front of him
  • Harry Pearce left the Hotel California
  • Godot waits for Harry Pearce

Need I say more? Any other long-timer’s want to add any of there own as to why Harry deserves top spot?

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