Who's your favorite Sci-fi character?

A recently released poll conducted by SFX Magazine asked readers to select their favorite sci-fi hero. A quick glance, surprisingly, has revealed a somewhat shocking name (to me) atop the leader board. The Doctor? Nope. Mr Spock? Not even close. Captain Jack Harkness? Almost beat out the Doctor….for second place. Buffy?  Again, not even close. The winner? Captain Mal Reynolds from Firefly. Ok, I know it’s Joss Whedon, but still….

Time for a second opinion poll

Who’s your favorite sci-fi character? FYI, using a VERY LOOSE definition of sci-fi, I have listed as many choices below that I can think of so, no complaining. If you have a write-in, just click other and put the name in the comment section of the post. Might just be me, but I think the results will be a bit different on this one. In the immortal words of Ford Prefect, Don’t Panic, when you see the number of choices you have. You can select up to three of your most favorite.  Remember, vote early and often and tell your friends.

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