Uptown Downstairs Abbey – a house divided…by stairs

Unfortunately, the whole of the UK seems to be reeling this week with the news that the second series of Sherlock will now not broadcast until early 2012. Well, as a card-carrying member of the U.S. Sherlock support group, welcome. As most of you now know, Sherlock 2 will not air in the U.S. until May 2012 on PBS stations nationwide so we’ve been meeting for several weeks already.

In the meantime, even though series 2 of Downton Abbey just completed filming on Saturday and transmission is just around the corner for both UK and US viewers, there seems to be a growing need for a Downton Abbey support group also. That said….enjoy.

Uptown Downstairs Abbey

Highclere Castle is the setting for the critically acclaimed Uptown Downstairs Abbey. This is the story of a house divided, divided by stairs. A house where the posh upstairs interact with their downstairs….friends. As you’ll see, it’s the story that writer, Julian Fellowes, still continues to marvel at daily as to how he was able to create this audience mega-hit.

Part 1


Part 2


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