Prime Suspect vs Prime Suspect

I’m afraid you’ll know where I stand in the matter of seconds….if it takes that long.

The only thing in common between the iconic Granada Television series, produced for ITV and PBS, and the upcoming NBC series starring Maria Bello, is the title. To be fair, it might not be a fair fight just yet as the Helen Mirren Prime Suspect, airing on PBS from 1992 through 2006, has won over 20 international awards and Emmys for both Outstanding Mini-series and Outstanding Actress for Helen Mirren. The other, well, it doesn’t premiere until September. But, that’s the fun of starting something like this is, you get to decide for yourself. So, in the words of Michael Buffer, let’s get ready to rumble!

In one corner, you have Jane Tennison, played by Dame Mirren. She’s been called tenacious, brilliant and difficult. Descriptions of the series, Prime Suspect, have ranged merely from tense to gritty. In the other, you have Jane Timoney, played by Bello, being described as “tough-as-nails”, “not just a pretty face” and “an outsider that can be willful, rude and downright reckless”. Watch and vote….

PBS/ITV/Granada Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren

NBC Prime Suspect with Maria Bello

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  • Carolyn

    Unfortunately… typically when we attempt to poach a Brit program, imitation does not proved to be the best form of flattery.

    Is the reverse true? Probably because the first out of the stocks is what’s in our minds.

    Personally I tend to prefer the UK versions. Can you imagine a Midsomer Murder US style. Shudder.

    • @Carolyn: the only “reverse” re-make I know of and it’s not really a re-make, is Law & Order UK. It would be interesting to see how it stands up, but given how well the British “do television”, my guess is that it’s pretty close to the original American version.

  • Robyn De Shields

    This program feels like a throw back. A female detective fighting for respect from male colleagues. Is this the same network that has all the Law & Orders?

    Maria Bello deserves much better material. As as for Helen Mirren and the “original” there’s NO comparison.

  • Sandy

    Every time I see the commercial for the upcoming Prime Suspect,I shake my head in disbelief. What’s the point?????

    On the other hand, the L&O UK is “poifect.”

  • Jen Linck

    Actually the new Prime Suspect is being produced by ITV (which merged with Granada) for NBC – so it’s the same producing company on both series.

  • Tina

    The Office is a successful British remake. In fact the U.S. version has been more successful than the original Ricky Gervais version although both are good.