Next mtg of Sherlock support group called to order with trailer for Sherlock 2

With location shooting wrapping up last week in Cardiff, all we can do now as worldwide members of the Sherlock support group is sit and wait until 2012. Fortunately the folks at the BBC fully understand our addiction and have promptly provided us with a brief taste as to what we’re in for next year when Sherlock 2 premieres. FYI, for those that just can’t wait any longer, scenes from S2E2, The Hound of the Baskervilles appear about 1:13 into the trailer below. Remember, it’s going to be a bit before the series premieres in the UK (early 2012) and in the U.S. on PBS (May 2012) so feel free to hit replay as often as need be.

However, I would strongly suggest you stay for the entire 2:42. There are some hidden gems mixed in throughout that we’ve been hearing about including a first glimpse of The Royal Bodyguard with David Jason, Call the Midwife with Miranda Hart, David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet and Death in Paradise with Ben Miller. Further proof that the BBC makes some of the best television on the planet.

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