10 reasons to change places with Doctor Who

At long last, the return of Doctor Who 6.5 has come and gone. Anticipation is replaced by reflection. Thankfully, the folks over a ScreenRant have been busy little reflectors when it comes to the Traveling Time Lord. For different reasons, we’ve all had our favorite Doctor’s over the years from William Hartnell to Matt Smith and all the Tom Baker’s and David Tennant’s in-between. While there will forever be disagreement as to who might be your favorite and why, everyone can instantly agree that, if given the chance, you’d trade places with the Doctor faster than the TARDIS can go from one end of the universe to the other. In reverse order, with full explanations (some need them, some don’t) as to Why Doctor Who’s Life is Better Than Yours from ScreenRant:

10. He looks great in a fez

9. He’s got a Sonic Screwdriver

8. He’s been to the end of the universe and back

7. He once married Marilyn Monroe

6. He’s got the coolest vehicle ever

5. He’s got the best friends in the world

4. He’s got 13 lives

3. He doesn’t have to work

2. He had a robot dog

And, in true David Letterman fashion, the #1 reason Why Doctor Who’s life is WAY better than all of ours:

1. He’s the Doctor (Duh!)

Don’t despair. Overall, this is not a bad thing. It’s definitely made for good television the past nearly 50 years. And, he did marry Marilyn Monroe. I mean…

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