Doc Martin resumes Portwenn house calls Sept 12 on ITV1

With the new series of the hit comedy drama, Doc Martin, set to return tomorrow (Monday, 12 September) on ITV1 in the UK, it’s time to set up yet another support group in the U.S. Unfortunately, as we have recently reported, series 5 will not premiere in the States until April 2012 on public television stations. Why the lag time? I wish I had an answer. In the meantime, here’s a quick look at what’s in store for the ‘lovable’ Dr. Martin Ellingham come tomorrow in the UK and down the road in the U.S. For those on both sides of the pond, a bit of a quick refresher course since we last left the Doc….

  • Bags packed and ready to take on a consultant’s position in London.
  • Bags unpacked as estranged girlfriend Luisa gives birth to their son – who still doesn’t have a name…
  • Bags packed again. How will the Doc cope with being a new dad while trying to resume his high-flying career as a surgeon?

An interesting side note regarding the premiere of Doc Martin 5 on Monday. We’ve all heard about the big battle set for Sunday, 18 September, in the UK with the BBC placing the final series premiere of Spooks 10 up against the premiere of  ITV powerhouse Downton Abbey 2 at 9:00pm. A definite departure from the 9 seasons that Spooks has been transmitted on Monday evenings quite successfully.

Seems odd that you would move a brilliant series such as Spooks up against the likes of the return of DA2 that is sure to draw huge numbers, but word on the street is that there is more of a concern on the part of the BBC about going up against the return of Doc Martin, after a 2-year hiatus, than there is about Downton Abbey.

Bodes well for all three shows in the U.S. as viewers won’t have to make a choice when all three premiere on public television stations in 2012. It’s going to be a great year for drama (action, period or comedy) on public television….let’s not forget to add Sherlock 2 into the mix.

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