Trollied renewed for 2 seasons

Sky 1, to further demonstrate their ongoing commitment to create original comedy content, announced recently that Trollied, starring Jane Horrocks, Jason Watkins and Mark Addy, has been renewed for two seasons. In somewhat of a departure for British comedy commissioning, which traditionally consists of green-lighting one season of a series for 6-8 episodes at a time, the two upcoming seasons of the supermarket-based comedy will consist of 27 episodes. According to Sky1 head, Stuart Murphy, Trollied debuted as the most successful multichannel comedy ever, prompting the quick decision to renew the series.

Art can imitate life

Hopefully, Ash Atalla (The Office, The IT Crowd), the executive producer for Trollied, will give serious consideration to incorporating a recent real-life scenario that occurred in the UK for one of the upcoming 27 episodes (1 Christmas special and 26 series episodes scheduled for 2012 transmission).

An intrepid tellyspotting reader alerted us to a recent post by Patrick Collinson in The Guardian. It starts out….I was almost arrested in Tesco this week. My crime? Comparing prices. Evidently, this is such a security issue for Tesco that it wants you booted out of the store. I am nearly arrested for the ‘crime’ of doing a price check on some bottles of water.

Call me crazy but this would be perfect for Julie (Jane Horrocks) to catch the dreaded price comparison shopper red handed in Valco, thus solidifying her bid to shake loose the interim from her Interim Deputy Manager title.

That was easy. One down, 26 to go….ok, just a thought.

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