Happy British Cheese Week 2011!

Find yourself in the UK with no plans this weekend? Not to worry. Tellyspotting is working very hard on your social calendar behalf. Knowing, also, that there may be many of you who choose to celebrate British Cheese Week 2011 at home quietly with a group of close friends and your favorite milk-based food product, be it cow, buffalo, goat or sheep, again, we’re there for you.

For those wanting to get out and celebrate amongst the masses, the Great British Cheese Festival 2011 kicks off tomorrow, 24 September, at Cardiff Castle and runs through Sunday, 25 September. Take master classes, view demonstrations or  stroll through Britain’s Biggest Cheese Market and get a chance to taste the winners of this years British Cheese Awards.

As you indulge yourself in the myriad of British and Irish cheeses along with a number of other regional food and drink options keep in mind these cheese-based bits and bobs from the great folks at The Cheese Web


  • Cheese, like red wine, tastes better at room temperature
  • The fat content of Brie type cheeses is the same or slightly less than edam


  • The rind of Camembert is edible paper! – No it is harmless penicillin mould
  • Vegetarian cheese is made without animal products! – There are non-dairy alternatives to cheese made with soya oil but in fact over 80% of all British cheeses are made with non-animal alternatives to rennet and are therefore suitable for vegetarians yet there is no discernible difference in taste

In need of a place on either of the pond to procure some of the best cheese available anywhere? Try La Fromagerie in the UK or Cowgirl Creamery in the U.S. Two of the best on the planet.

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