Mr. Bean retires at 21, etc.

Having first appeared in a 1990 New Year’s Day radio program for Thames Television, Mr. Bean is officially retired. Rowan Atkinson, the British comedy great that brought the character to life believes he is too old to play the Buster Keaton-like character any longer. Having last played the lovable legend in the 2007 film, Mr. Bean’s Holiday, the 56 year-old Atkinson finally sees a distinction between himself and his creation. While he has always described Bean as ageless and timeless, Atkinson has come to the conclusion that he clearly is not. (Insert sad face here)

Rowan Atkinson as Doctor Who?

Not quite, but Atkinson did mention in a recent BBC interview that it had always been a secret ambition of the comic genius to play the Traveling Time Lord. He even went so far to let it out that The Doctor actually entered into the discussion during the production of Blackadder. “I remember we were thinking of doing a Blackadder episode called Doctor Whom in which Blackadder would be effectively the Doctor and Baldrick would be his sidekick. But that never came to anything.” (Insert another sad face here)

West End stage production possible in 2012?

Atkinson did hint, in the same BBC interview, that while Bean is done and a “Blackadder Fifth” would be difficult but not impossible, he will follow up his 2009 West End performance of Fagin in Oliver with a return to the stage in late 2012. “I love theatre, I hadn’t done it for 20 years before I did Fagin and I was surprised how comfortable I felt on stage.” I would like to do more and I think that’s the next thing I do.” (Insert happy face here)

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