Downton Abbey: Are you more upstairs or downstairs?

Ever since Downton Abbey premiered on ITV1 in the UK and PBS in the States, some of the most interesting pub talk centered on the question of ‘what character do you identify with more’, those who occupy the upstairs or the downstairs of Downton Abbey? While many fashioned themselves as a closet Dowager Countess or Earl of Grantham, surprisingly, there were many that preferred the downstairs life of Mr. Carson, Ms. Hughes or John Bates. There were also a few Matthew Crawley’s and Cora’s sprinkled in also.

The debate continues as series 2 continues in the UK and is on the horizon in the U.S. Fear not. Enter the Guardian who came up with the ultimate Downton Abbey character quiz for you to be able easily determine whether you are more suited to upstairs or downstairs. Take it and then let us know as you prepare for PBS Masterpiece‘s premiere of Downton Abbey 2 in January 2012.

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