Blackadder – should the series with the perfect ending return?

Rumors circulated across the internet in recent weeks concerning a possible return of the greatness of Blackadder for another season. Seems as though when Rowan Atkinson recently announced that Mr. Bean (and Teddy) had officially retired, he quietly hinted that he’d love to see ‘the band get back together’ for another Blackadder series. Of course, after the rumor mill grabbed this bit of soundbite gold, you would have thought scripts were being written and filming completed by the end of 2011.

Talk of a Blackadder return isn’t new by any stretch. Years ago, both Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson joked about a possible Blackadder Five with the storyline revolving around a 60’s Dave Clark Five-style rock and roll band with a drummer named Bald Rick.

Unfortunately, I have mixed feelings about a possible return. While I’d selfishly love to see public television grab a bit of Richard Curtis brilliance for another series, it currently, in my mind, possesses one of the best series ending scenes in British comedy history. During our interview for PBS’ Behind the Britcom: From Script to Screen, co-creator/writer, Richard Curtis, who describes the series finale as ‘the miracle of his creative career’, explains how it all came together from the beginning in order to create, perhaps, the most classic British comedy ending of all-time….

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