Spy – tonight on Sky1

Tim is at a crossroads. For starters, he’s in the middle of a lengthy custody battle with an ex-wife that you will quickly understand why she’s the ex over their precocious 9-year old who has absolutely no interest in being with Dad. And then there’s his day job.

Played by Darren Boyd (Green Wing, Whites, Dirk Gently, Holy Flying Circus), Tim decides there’s more to life that his current dead-end employment at Computer Galaxy. Enter Robert Lindsay (My Family) and the mistaken opportunity to go from zero to hero and Tim’s life is about to turn around. Going to take what he believes to be a civil service test for a data-entry position, Tim suddenly finds himself thrown into the world of MI5 when he is recruited as a trainee spy. Suddenly, Dad’s not looking to bad to his 9-year old.

The great thing about Spy, besides the fact that it is genuinely funny, is that it comes from Sky, who has stepped up their original comedy output with some really innovative comedies recently. Besides Spy, there’s Trollied, which starred Jane Horrocks and Mount Pleasant, both series having just been renewed for second seasons.

Check out Spy, tonight at 8:30pm on Sky1 HD.


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