Blackadder the Fifth – Any thoughts?

When Rowan Atkinson put Teddy to bed for the last time recently, he did offer up, in exchange, that he’d be up for the possibility more Blackadder brilliance someday in the not-too-distant future. That’s the good news.

Unfortunately, there’s this little issue of generating equal interest amongst the likes of writer, Richard Curtis, and other cast members such as Tony Robinson, Miranda Richardson and Tim McInnerny, not to mention Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry. Hearing them all talk over the years, I think there is interest, but this tiny matter of getting schedules to match up may prove to be a bit difficult.

Those familiar with the series know the premise. Those few that don’t, each series was set in a different period of British history, beginning in 1485 and ending in 1917 during World War I. There have been a number of scenarios put forth ever since series production shut down in 1989 (there have been several specials since then) as to what might the backdrop of Blackadder the Fifth might be.

Atkinson said: “Generally speaking,Blackadder seemed to work best when there was a sort of claustrophobic world and a hierarchy. So if you can think of any situations in which they are dominant – then I think there is a possibility of a fifth series.”

Obviously, since nothing has been decided upon or even discussed, it’s time to access your inner Richard Curtis and decide what the best possible scenario would be for Edmund and the boys. This Radio Times survey gives you a head start with some potential themes of their own. Personally, I’m going with a 1960’s Dave Clark Five-type band set in present day London trying to make a comeback with Bald Rick as the drummer. After seeing this bit from a Top of the Pops 1964 episode and with Richard Curtis’ love of music, I say this is all but a done deal.

Anyone else have a thought?

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  • Ed

    I’d love to see Blackadder return and my ideal scenario would be the financial excesses of the 80’s. Blackadser, working in the city and using his wyles to try and oust Stephen Fry in full “Marjorie!” mode would be enoughfor me to tune in.

  • jt

    You are not serious! Personally, I see no reason why another series, should one be done, has to move forward in history. Thinking out of the box here, why not put the chaps somewhere in the long 19th century? For that matter, why not send them back to ancient Greece?

    I doubt another series will ever be done, but that is okay. The four series, plus the specials, are great, and they will continue to be popular for many years to come.

  • did He say ”Splonge”?

    my idea waaaay back when was a series set in a courtroom entitled ”Blackadder takes the Fifth”

  • Andy Lelli

    Blackadder Number 10.
    Set in the 80s (the decade series 1,2,3 & 4 were made). Miranda Richardson as a Thatcheresque PM. Stephen Fry as her suffering husband. Rowan as a spin doctor. Hugh as some toff cabinet member. Tony as some general dogsbody as per usual… etc etc. You get the gist.