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BBC Syndication Showcase 2011 postcript

As we close the book on the third annual BBC Syndication Showcase, PBS stations across the country leave BBC West (New Orleans) armed with an incredible number of potential choices for programming of all genres to acquire for broadcast in their individual markets. Science, Natural History, Drama, Factual and Comedy. Unfortunately, not all stations will have the room or the dollars to acquire everything. That’s where you…the avid British comedy fan….come in. Watch the clips, play television station programmer and vote for your favorite new or returning comedies that you’d like to see in 2012 on your local public television station.

For stations trying to find that perfect mix of new and classic British comedies, there are some quality choices this year to possibly add to the staples of Keeping Up Appearances, As Time Goes By, Last of the Summer Wine, etc. Again, watch the clips and vote for your favorite new or returning comedies that you’d like to see in 2012 on your local public television station. We’ll pass it along….

Some ‘high praise’ for the Rev

– Reverend Adam Smallbone is a Church of England vicar promoted from a sleepy rural parish to the busy, inner-city world of St. Saviour’s in East London with a threadbare congregation. The Archbishop of Cantebury said it was “rather good“. The Right Reverend Alan Wilson, the bishop of Buckingham, said: “At last the BBC has moved beyond The Vicar of Dibley. It’s a noble enterprise. Those who wrote it know whereof they speak. Adam sits in his church trying to pray the office, wishing God would bloody do something, but secretly suspecting he won’t … It’s a ministry that resents all the distractions, until it realises that the ministry is the distraction.

Lead Balloon

– Rick Spleen is a disillusioned stand-up comedian and writer with a poorly selected stage name whose career hasn’t quite gone the way he planned it out. Hosting corporate events, guesting on second-rate chat shows or subbing as host on a 24/7 home shopping channel only fuels the mass of neuroses, petty grievances and terrible propensity to lying that makes Larry David or Richard Lewis look like Dr. William Cosby.

People Like Us

– Roy Mallard travels the country to talk to ordinary folk…People Like Us. Forgot to mention, Mallard has little or no skill as an interviewer. What he lacks as an interviewer is more than made up for by his desire to be over-earnest. The fly-on-the-wall spoof documentary series has a cast list that reads like a who’s who of British acting. Bill Nighy, David Tennant, Julia Davis, Tamsin Greig, Sarah Alexander and Nicola Walker.


– It’s about a group of friends. A mix of men and women, single and in relationships, all thinking about how to get what the want in love whether it be one-night stands, one-lunchtime stands, two-timing and partner swapping. British Friends? Not even close.

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