With Doctor Who 50th plans underway, will they include Matt Smith?

Must have been something in the water in 1963. Obviously, the most monumental was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22. Other notable events included the closing of Alcatraz, the Great Train Robbery took place in the UK, Martin Luther King delivered his I Have a Dream speech, the Beatles released their first album (Please, Please Me), the Lava lamp was introduced and…..of course, the premiere broadcast of Doctor Who on 23 November, 1963. Before we look forward, let’s look back at 5o years of the Traveling Time Lord.


Doing a bit of quick math, we all know what is on the horizon with the coming 50th anniversary of the Traveling Time Lord in 2013. Sounds like a long way off, but for some (including Steven Moffat) plans are already underway. The current series head honcho made judicious use of his allowable 140 characters on Twitter by saying “I’ve got a plan and I’m NOT TELLING YOU WHAT IT IS”. BBC executive Danny Cohen hinted at the fact that there were plans being discussed for the 50th but that might mean less episodes in 2012. To that, Moffat again show his command for Twitter by saying: “Dr Who: misquotes and misunderstandings. But I’m not being bounced into announcing the cool stuff before we’re ready. Hush, and patience.

Matt Smith or no Matt Smith?

While the 50th plans are taking shape, one has to wonder what’s going through series exec’s minds after learning of a recent Matt Smith interview on VH1. When asked if there was a move to L.A. in his future, Smith responded by saying: “I’ve got another year of Doctor Who, but then I’m certainly going to come and give it a shot – come and hang out in L.A.” Smith took over one of the most coveted roles in British television from David Tennant in 2010 as the Eleventh Doctor.

If Smith follows through on his plans, then the TARDIS would have a new occupant for the show’s 50th anniversary in 2013. As you can imagine, speculation is already in overdrive as to who would be the perfect Twelfth Doctor. Past leaders in the rumor mill have included the likes of Bill Nighy (Love Actually), Paterson Joseph (Survivors), Stephen Fry (Wilde), Joanna Lumley (Absolutely Fabulous) and Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean).

On the remote chance Smith opts out at the end of 2012, who would you like to see occupy the TARDIS? Me? I’m going Bill Nighy.

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  • Cora Latta

    glad to know that the 50th won’t go un-celebrated! Smith not as the Doctor? Well, we’ve survived 10 changes so far ….
    As for a 12th? – I think TPTB are really talented – who would have thought that Matt Smith (for me a very unknown name) would be as successful?!

  • James Brits doctor who 12 doctor

    escue me i like to be in doctor who becuse ive allways been a fan of it sentes i was young and i would like to give anndutions role for to play doctor and i would like to brake world boxe officers so then people thing its goood of me i loved the david tennant series of doctor who and i would like to give you my email addersse so i can give you my compains adersse sloug burnham sl7ew 22 burn walllk i love doctor who singed buy my james mcodnald

  • James Brits doctor who 12 doctor

    and could you give a matt simt a regartions to me becuse you could do a younger doctor who is 15 years old acutly and i thing matt would love that oppatiuny turst me i am good actor in drama

  • James Brits doctor who 12 doctor

    i would like to play leg role of doctor