Kryten wins "Best TV Robot" competition – Duh!

Old news, but worth celebrating by the members of the Red Dwarf Nation everywhere. After all, who doesn’t love the affable Series  4000 service mechanoid whose given name is Kryten 2X4B-523P.

As reported on by the folks over at Red Dwarf, Gary Pinches from The Digital Fix has, at great personal sacrifice, researched countless hours of television in order to rank his top ten television robots of all-time. To give everyone a quick sense as to the incredible lengths that Gary went to, here’s a quick snapshot created by animator, Richard Sargent, showing everything from Metropolis to Wall-E.

Even though Pinches describes Kryten as defective, bad tempered, neurotic and needy, he does point out that he will also do your washing, hoover your house with his groin and cook dinner too. With that, it’s no wonder Kryten not only torched his closest competitors of Bender, Cameron and Lieutenant Commander Data but also the Robot from Lost in Space, the Class M-3 Model B9, General Utility Non-Theorising Environmental Control Robot that we all grew up with.

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  • Esany

    Great drawing! I could not find Wall-E. Is he really in the drawing?