The best Michael Caine? Not many people know that….

Michael Caine is flat out brilliant. For starters, he’s one of only two actors that has been nominated for an Academy Award in every decade since the 60’s. Can anyone guess the other one? He’s been a part of such film genius as The Ipcress File, Alfie, Sleuth, Hannah and Her Sisters, Cider House Rules, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Educating Rita and The Dark Knight. For me, Caines performance in a little known 2001 film, The Last Orders was an understated classic.

With all the genius and brilliance, however, comes imitation, the proverbial sincerest form of flattery. Next to Christopher Walken, Michael Caine has to be the most imitated. In years past, it was Peter Sellers on Parkinson. More recently, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in somewhat of a dueling Caine sequence in the British comedy film, The Trip.

Peter Sellers as Michael Caine

Steve Coogan & Rob Brydon as Michael Caine in The Trip

Michael Caine as….Michael Caine

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BTW, Jack Nicholson is the only other actor to be nominated for an Academy Award in every decade since the 60’s.

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  • Sauvage

    He was excellent in _Children of Men_ as well.

    Really enjoy your blog, Mr. Young!

  • Patty

    Another understated performance was in “The Quiet American.” (No, he doesn’t play the American. :-))

    Now that BBC America has released the 1964 “Hamlet at Elsinore” on DVD, I can finally see Mr. Caine again playing Horatio to Christopher Plummer’s Hamlet.