Details: Tickets: Red Dwarf X!

***According to Red Dwarf website and re-tweeted by many, tickets completely gone in 30 minutes***

No denying today is, perhaps, the biggest day in Red Dwarf history, plain and simple. As most know, the upcoming season of RD will be filmed in front of a live audience. Why a big deal, you’re asking at this point? Simple. Live audience = ticket availability. As tweeted for several days now by @DougRDNaylor, along with cryptic messages such as Shepperton and 16, 23, 7, 13, 20, 27, information regarding how to obtain the most sought after ticket on the planet is available now on the official Red Dwarf website. Don’t not walk…run to the nearest computer and score a ticket. Should you happen to want to remember your favorite British comedy blog writer at this point, I can be there in approximately 10 hours if need be.

Channeling Sherlock, I’m guessing that the series will film at long-time home, Shepperton Studios with filming dates for the 6 episodes to be 16,23 of December and 7,13,20,27 of January 2012.

If you’re lucky enough to score tickets, do not let me see these show up on eBay. That would be just wrong in all kinds of ways. If you don’t know why this is news that Red Dwarf fans have been waiting for for some time…that’s plenty wrong too.

Go…what are you waiting for. If  you wait too long, this is what you will be missing, courtesy of Red Dwarf….

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