Mongrels – Definitely not the Muppets

Reminiscent of one of the all-time great movies, The Player, there are times that you’d like to be a fly on the wall in a pitch meeting trying to convince studio heads that your idea is the next Seinfeld, ER or Desperate Housewives. Imagine your pitch to the BBC commissioners for a series called Mongrels.

Ok, imagine. It’s Rocky Horror meets Shaun of the Dead, starring the greatness of Richard O’Brien

The decidedly adult-humor, puppet-comedy series centers around the lives of five animals that hang around the back of a pub called The Lord Nelson on the Isle of Dogs in the East End of London. The series ‘stars’ Nelson, a metrosexual fox, Destiny, a self-centered Afghan hound, Marion, a borderline cat, Kali, a grudge-bearing pigeon, and Vince, a sociopathic foul-mouthed fox. Sounds innocent enough, right?

While it’s been called Avenue Q meets Family Guy, the more lofty goal of creator/producer/head puppeteer, Adam Miller, in creating the series, was to try and do for puppetry what shows like The Simpsons have done for animation. It’s a bit crass at times and definitely not for kids, but the series, which just began transmission of the second season this past week on BBC 3, is well worth a look if you haven’t seen.

FYI, episode 2 is tonight at 2230 on BBC3. Check it out.

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  • Ian Wolf

    You don’t need to imagine the pitch. Here is the pitch reel for the series, back when it was called “We Are Mongrels”. It is a parody of the original pitch for “The Muppet Show”.