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Only Fools and Horses book was 30 years in the making

If you’re a British comedy fan, the recently released Only Fools and Horses: The Story of Britain’s Favourite Comedy book needs to be at the top of your Christmas list. As reviewed here in the Telegraph, author Graham McCann has penned an extraordinarily entertaining book filled with hundreds of tidbits on Only Fools and Horses such as:

  • Series creator/writer John Sullivan had to fight to get the title Only Fools and Horses (an old English saying, ‘Why do only fools and horses work’) past Jimmy Gilbert, the BBC’s Head Of Light Entertainment.
  • The first choice to play Del Boy was a Scottish-born actor called Enn Reitel. When David Jason was sent the script he thought it was to play Grandad Trotter.
  • Elizabeth Hurley auditioned ‘enthusiastically’ for the part of Rodney’s girlfriend Cassandra but was rejected because she was ‘deemed too model-like’.


While the phrases luvvly-jubbly, twonk and plonker aren’t quite ready for entry into Webster’s Dictionary just yet, they are instantly recognizable as being part of what is widely considered the most popular British comedy of all-time. This is a brilliant book, well worth the read. Remember, only 40 days until Christmas. Just sayin…

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