Do you live in the funniest part of the UK?

Leave it to Foster’s lager to continue their assault on the world of British comedy with a recent survey that attempts to determine what region of the UK believes they are they funniest in the land. You may remember that it was Foster’s who resurrected the career of Alan Partridge in 2010 for a series of Mid-Morning Matters programs on their Foster’s Funny website which saw Alan’s career as a DJ on North Norfolk Digital radio go worldwide via the Internet. This year, Foster’s orchestrated the reunion of The Fast Show with Paul Whitehouse, John Thomson, Arabella Weir and Charlie Higson.

Now comes a survey, designed to promote tomorrow’s British Comedy Awards, which reveals that a confident 65.5% of the residents of London rate themselves as the funniest, while the more subdued residents from the South West are the least likely to think they can make you laugh with only 24.4% daring to admit they are funny.

More on the survey here from the British Comedy Guide. Can you guess how much the average Brit thinks they make their family, friends and co-workers laugh a day?

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