Hey, Shepperton, Red Dwarf X is in the building!

Shepperton Studios is THE place to be tonight as it’s zero hour for the lucky few that scored tickets to the first taping date for Red Dwarf X. All the familiar faces will be present. Lister, Rimmer, Kryten and Cat. But, according to producer, Charles Armitage, there will be a ‘fifth star’ present over the next six weeks….the set. In an exclusive interview with SFX Magazine, Armitage explains, “We’ve got no Red Dwarf ship because it fell off the shelf; we’ve got no sets, they’ve all been destroyed.”

Tom Spychalski over at Cult Brittannia reminds us that when ‘we last saw the crew of Red Dwarf, the ship might have looked a little lacking and a bit less than solid than in the original runs. Mainly, that was because the sets used in the 2009 mini-series Red Dwarf: Back to Earth were computer generated’. It’s time to return to the glory days of RD as Armitage enthusiastically explained further, “We’ve got a brilliant designer, Michael Ralph, who did the last series of Primeval, and my feeling is the sets will very much become the fifth star.”

Red Dwarf X begins filming tonight and for the next 5 Fridays at Shepperton Studio. Dave, the home of witty banter, is tentatively targeting the latter part of 2012 for a broadcast premiere in the UK. Hopefully, it won’t be too far beyond that for public television stations to acquire for broadcast in the States.

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