You say New Years Eve. We say Sherlock Eve.

The brilliance that is Sherlock is a day away. What better way to pass the remaining hours than to demonstrate what has become an international phenomenon (it’s been sold in 180 countries) and screen Sherlock in five different languages.

To most everyone around the globe, today may represents the close of business for calendar year 2011 and tomorrow the beginning of 2012. However, UK viewers will be watching the ball in Times Square with the knowledge that it’s actually counting down to the day that the new season of Sherlock premieres on BBC One….8:10pm to be exact with “A Scandal in Belgravia“. With that it’s time to close out the year with all-Sherlock, all-the-time as every media outlet sets their sites on the most-awaited premiere….

Benedict Cumberbatch on…the ideal Sherlock Holmes

Steven Spielberg recently called Cumberbatch “the best Sherlock Holmes on screen”. The Telegraph described his performance as mesmerizing and described him as a speed-talking brainiac. Here, Cumberbatch talks with Olly Grant about his pre-Sherlock career, his current efforts in War Horse and Parade’s End and the revelation that Cumberbatch’s initial reference point for Smaug, interestingly, was his father, the actor Timothy Carlton. “The Hobbit was the first book I remember reading at bedtime, and he characterised the whole thing,” he explains. “It was the first imaginary landscape I had in my head, so it’s very close to me.

Lara Pulver as Irene Adler

Moments removed from her greatness as Section D head, Erin Watts, in the final season of Spooks, Lara Pulver entered the world of Sherlock as the multi-dimensional Irene Adler. In this interview with Digital Spy, Pulver considers her role as Adler a privilege and defines the Sherlock/Adler relationship as a mutual infatuation. “It’s like they’re looking in a mirror at each other. They’re just in tune – they get each other. They see each other and I think they see through each other’s masks.”

Andrew Scott as Moriarty

The series one ending poolside confrontation was brilliant. Andrew Scott as Sherlock’s deadly nemesis, Moriarty, was spot on. Digital Spy caught up with Andrew Scott earlier in the year in Cardiff during the filming of series two. Scott talks about what it was like keeping his role secret and describes what’s at the core of the Sherlock/Moriarty relationship. “I think it’s ‘the great game’ and there’s a great sense that the two of them enjoy it, absolutely.”

Happy viewing, UK. Please let us know what we’re in for beginning May 6 on PBS in the States. Cheers..

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