A little post-Sherlock/Downton Abbey scattershooting

Now that UK audiences are 2/3rd through series 2 of Sherlock and the long Downton Abbey series 2 wait is over for U.S. audiences time to peruse the Internets for some stories that may have been missed while both sides of the pond had stayed away from any potential spoiler alerts this week….

Voldemort the new “M” in Skyfall?

We do know that the upcoming Bond film, Skyfall, sees the return of Daniel Craig as 007 with No Country for Old Men star, Javier Bardem, as Bond’s main villain interest. Sam Mendes is directing and, evidently, the story will center around M (Judi Dench) with MI6 coming under attack. Enter Bond, James Bond, to fight to protect the agency. Rumor of the day has Dench possibly making her last appearance as head of MI6 with Ralph Fiennes going from Voldemort being cast as as “a government agent” who comes in as M’s replacement. Dench has been a significant part of the Bond empire since Goldeneye in 1995 so, if true, this is big….

Doctor Who marries The Doctor’s daughter

To be clear, David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor, tied the knot with Georgia Moffet on 30 December. Moffet has the distinction of being both the screen daughter of Tennant in a Doctor Who episode back in 2008 and the real-life daughter of Peter Davison, the Fifth Doctor, back in the early 80’s. Guess anything is possible when you are a Traveling Time Lord.

Rowan Atkinson looks for ‘magical’ seaside estate property to park his Mini

Fresh off winning permission from the planning commission to build his futuristic five-bedroom property, Atkinson now has his sights set towards the sea. According to the Telegraph, the star of Mr. Bean and Blackadder, is interested in buying a 155-acre estate on a peninsula in the Salcombe estuary in south Devon. The Gullet Estate was put on the market last year by Robert MacDonald, a former Royal Marines officer, and his American wife, Carolyn, with a guide price of £10 million.

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  • Cora

    Congratulations to David Tennant. I couldn’t remember when he was getting married. The “6 degrees of separation” with that marriage is just phenomenal. Love my Doctor Who (no matter which regeneration!)