Python's Terry Gilliam – DIY Animation 101

Ever wonder how that giant foot came down at the beginning of the classic opening to Monty Python’s Flying Circus or how any of the other buffer elements between show segments were created? Normally, this would be the time for the please, everyone, these are professionals, do not try this at home PSA. Not this time around, however, as Python member and animator, Terry Gilliam, created this do-it-yourself video a number of years ago to show how you, at home, could create the now-famous cutout animation that is so familiar to everyone that are fans of Monty Python.

Either watch below (where you’ll have to sign in to YouTube to verify you are over 18) or you can click here and watch not only the great Terry Gilliam teach you cutout animation, but you can see another DIY video from Jim Henson’s 15 minute primer of puppet making.

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