Who are the 20 greatest Sherlocks of all-time?

As the UK enters its last few hours of agony before the final episode of the second series of Sherlock transmits on BBC One, tonight’s broadcast of “The Reichenbach Fall” and the return of Moriarty has got to get everyone pondering as to just who might be the ultimate Sherlock Holmes of all-time. Fortunately, the Telegraph has done most of your homework for you and laid out their 20 greatest Sherlocks of all time.

A few observations after looking at the list. I have to admit I had completely forgotten about the Tom Baker version of Hounds of the Baskerville along with the John Cleese and Buster Keaton versions. Oddly, Cleese is included in the list even though he is playing the original Sherlock’s grandson. Couple of other things to be thankful for in early 2012 as Gene Wilder as Sigerson Holmes wasn’t eligible and Jeremy Brett did, justifiably, finish ahead of Robert Downey, Jr.

Following tonight’s final episode, I’m thinking we can all guess as to who the #1 Sherlock should/will be. Any guesses before you see the list?

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